1. an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed.


  • the general activity or bustle of people or things in a particular place.

LYMPHFITNESS combines the best parts of Fitness, Yoga, Pilates & Meditation to create a method to jump start or maintain a healthier and stronger body.  A creation of unique and perfectly curated sequences of MOVEMENT that not only helps your body but also helps the muscle groups, the mind and most importantly….the Lymphatic System. 

This is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE, we wanted to be extra meticulous in creating this.  MOVEMENT is for everyBODY regardless of health, size, shape and gender.  This is your space, own it.  Freedom to move reigns here and every moment is unique and can only be experienced at that precise moment in time through MOVEMENT.  All you need is yourself, a mat and the open mind to let us share our instructions and options to create your moments in time.  

Woman Doing Yoga at Home