LYMPHFITNESS was born through the darkness that was the height of the Pandemic.  You probably thought there was going to be some glamorous fairytale story here, didn’t you?  Well when it felt like so much despair was all around and there was no light in sight, the thought of simply moving our bodies and cleansing an important system like the Lymphatic System (at the same time) came like a speck of light in that long tunnel of darkness.  We take our Lymphatic System completely for granted and it’s never talked about yet it’s truly the one system we should all invest in.  Why?  Because the Lymphatic System is part of the circulatory system and the immune system and it’s basically the body’s “sewer system”—another glamorous point to make, right?  Well it’s the truth.  This system of tissues and organs helps rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted junk.  Its main function is to transport lymph, a fluid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells throughout our bodies.

By moving your body in specific ways will help contract the muscles which act as a pump to help fluid get around the body.   And those that are reading this and surviving with medical conditions that compromise the Lymphatic System know that draining the lymph nodes is super important to maintaining a healthy body and even healthy skin.  We have heard over and over again how exercise helps with everything, we all know that.  But we also know there are many people out there that don’t have the motivation, the understanding or simply can’t move like others can (but want to). 

So this is where LYMPHFITNESS comes in. Our vision and expertise allowed us to combine the best parts of Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation for a simple jump start method (or maintenance for others) to a healthier and stronger body, which now became our purpose.  Creating unique and perfectly curated sequences of MOVEMENT that not only helps the entire body but also the muscle groups, the mind and most importantly…the Lymphatic System. Our signature class MOVEMENT is dedicated to helping every single body (no matter the shape, the health or even the gender) to simply move in ways you never thought about (or thought you couldn’t) and therefore move the lymph fluid.   And if you don’t already think we are cool, we can even talk to you about the importance of wearing compression garments to aid in circulating the lymph fluid (and super important to wear during or after working out as they also aid in recovery of overworked veins and muscles.)  It’s not like we don’t have 25 years of combined experience of providing care for compromised Lymphatic Systems or anything (and we double dog dare you to ask us about Lymphedema). 

What is Movement?

As previously mentioned, we took some parts from Yoga and some very important parts from Interval Training that involved some high-impact moves along with our knowledge of the Lymphatic System and basically “mad-scienced” the sh*t out of it to create what we know will be a unique experience for anyone that moves with us.  Your system(s) will be refreshed, restarted and restored along with a clear mind as you will leave all that you feel and all of those emotions on your mat (or ground) and just by simply continuing to do this class with us will have an added bonus of…a stronger body.  With our combination of breathing and stretching from Yoga paired with constant and repetitive movement we know as Interval Training creates an entirely new method to exercise the mind, body and cleanse the lymphatic system. During MOVEMENT you will be given instruction and multiple options from our teachers and you will begin to feel grounded in your own space be it outdoors with us, virtually (but LIVE) from your home or taking an on-demand/pre-recorded class.  This is a no judgement zone and we pretty much created this to be just that, as we believe MOVEMENT is for everyBODY. If you ever feel you can’t do some of the moves involved in MOVEMENT we encourage you to own your space and dance around, jump around, whatever feels natural to you in that moment…a unique moment only experienced at that precise moment in time through MOVEMENT.  The best part about all of this is that we include music so you won’t be alone in your space.  We believe music is a universal therapist that speaks through all languages and will help guide you through that unique moment in your life each time you step on that mat and MOVE with us.

While working in the corporate environment known as Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Curtis felt compelled to make some changes that involved actually moving the body and in return freeing the mind and muscles of stress.  With the combination of anxiety from the pandemic and all the uncertainty of what the future meant along surviving with Venous Insufficiency/Vein Disease he put his idea of moving the body, meditating the mind and cleansing the Lymphatic System all at one time to paper and moved forward with it over the span of a year to make sure everything was perfectly executed to a vision he felt would change lives. He is currently enrolled to be certified in Fitness Instruction. But his expertise comes from the 10+ years of being the President and Chief Operations Officer of a DME company that provides compression garments for those that survive with Lymphatic and Venous diseases along with being the creator and designer of a local boutique yoga studio in Chicago. Not to mention he’s married to a husband of 8 years who is also a Certified Fitness Instructor and Yoga Instructor.

Andrew (the aforementioned Fitness & Yoga Instructor Husband) moved to America in 2013 from Liverpool, England after meeting Curtis, whom he eventually married while he was in Chicago during the precise moment DOMA was knocked down by the Supreme Court, allowing gay marriage nationwide.  He never got back on the plane home and the rest is history (here’s the fairytale you all have been waiting for, right? And a true story!)  So becoming a citizen in a foreign country by 2016, with so much political unrest he found sanctuary in yoga to ease his anxiety and S.A.D. syndrome. In 2019, he decided to share this gift with others by becoming a 200 hour RYT. He was taught by Suddha Weixler at The Chicago Yoga Center.  Andrew’s yogic focus is on Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin.  But his true passion lies within fitness and is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with the American Council on Exercise. And is also a certified TABATA HIIT Instructor. He is completely well rounded in knowledge of moving the body and understanding the anatomy behind it.